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  • Relieve Pain

  • Find Ease & PEACE

  • Expand your Heart

  • Trust and keep going

  • Reconnect  with the Light

  • Harmonize with the Soul


 When is the last time you were relaxed and Stress Free?


...Truly... When was the last time your mind was quiet without all the mind chatter, the stream of thoughts,  worries, fears, to-do lists? 

When was the last time you checked in with YOU?


NO Really... Take a moment - a deep breath or two maybe even place a hand on your heart and breathe a few more full, deep, relaxed breaths.

SO, How long has it been?

The human mind is limiting and quite tricky for so many right now. The answer you heard may or may not be accurate but no worries because you just tuned in to yourself!!! Fantastic.


Right now humanity has the full support from the universe to open up to the messages your heart & Soul are trying to tell you. Think of it like this. WE have enormous support to realign & connect with what we DO need & want and thereby  can release all the rest.

These Therapeutic Yoga classes will offer YOU a new navigating system from which to tune in and connect to. A new space from which to build self trust, tune out the noise and 3D experience, receive inspiration and guidance and much much more. Because these virtual classes are kept at a small size you will receive Individual attention within group setting always.


If this resonates please join us

Contact Dr Susan : 239-738-3856​

Active Senior Couple

~Online via Zoom~

Monday - 8:30am

Tues & Thurs - 10 & 11:15am


or class packages

Coming soon

Special Workshops - TBA

Dr Susan Pataky

Dr. Susan Pataky, owner and founder of Sanibel Yoga, has offered yoga, stress & pain management as well as breathing techniques, meditation and educational lectures in the Holistic Arts for  over many years in many states.

Susan remains dedicated to synthesizing modern science, with ancient wisdom incorporating  science-based protocols, for asanas (yoga postures), meditation, or pranayama (breathing exercises), into her teachings in person & online. She is a revered certified yoga therapist and a long time member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). Her dedication and experience in the teaching of yoga, breathwork, & meditation spans over 4 decades. She continues to share the vital skills to empower and enhance your physical health, mental fitness, emotional well-being & personal spiritual growth for the highest good of ALL.


Strengthen the body

Ease aches and Pains

Reconnect with JOY

Clear your mind

Open your heart

Lift your spirit

Create a fresh start

. . . ALL IN 1-HOUR!


Private Yoga Therapy

for specific issues, needs or goals.

Individual support towards your ongoing personally

defined health and wellness goals.

Certified (C-IAYT).  

Therapeutic Virtual classes ongoing year-round

for your body/mind health

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